• The mastering of your music with an artistic approach

    ____::: 17 years of experience ::: ___

    All styles of electronic music are welcome

    Digital and Analog Mastering

    ||| STEM Mastering Now Available |||

    || The entire studio is now acoustically treated ||


     Get the Altar Records Sound !


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    What You Get:


    • Optimizing average and peak volume levels for proper relative loudness
    • Signal processing - compression & EQ
    • Arranging tracks in final sequence
    • Timing of the space between tracks
    • Establish a sonic "field" for all tracks
    • Clean-up start and ending of each track (including fades)
    • The studio equipment includes:
    • Cubase Pro 9.5, RME BabyFace soundcard, UAD-2 Octo x2, ASUS X99 Mobo, Win10 Pro with 128GB of DDR4 Ram, 4.5Ghz overclocked Core i7 CPU and 3x2TB HHDs. For the ultimate sound quality: Neumann KH 310 A; KH 120 monitors + KH 810 Subwoofer. A pair of FOCAL Elear and LG 47" + 34" screens.