• Press release:
    The duo ELEA is pleased to present their 6th album, « Oniros ». A journey to the heart of Ethno-Ambient, deep and mystical…

    About the album:

    Journey to the heart of Ethno-Ambient, deep and mystical, "Oniros" has  matured through years of work and creative introspection.

    This new ELEA duo album reflects a period in life made of strong and enriching experiences, during which the artistic expression of Swann and Ely, and the precision work on arrangements, bring to fruition tracks charged with strength and meaning.
    The power of the album lies notably in the use of multiple sacred and shamanic instruments played live, with a large measure of improvisation. Several pieces also contain mantra chants. Included as well in the recording of the album are certain of their musician friends (Hideyo Blackmoon, Ismaël Diallo, Trio Zephyr, Amu Ahava and Sangit Sirus).

    "Oniros" is a rich, spellbinding album. It tells the story of the duo in a manner at once ecstatic, symbolic, almost supernatural, and always luminous.

    About the artists:

    ELEA is a French duo live-act, made up of Swann (vocalist, percussionist, flute, guitar, Tibetan bowls and gong player) and Ely Goa (vocalist and keyboard player). Their work  characterized by original and experimental compositions and live formulas since the late 90’s, they are both regarded as part of the pioneers in the fusion between Electronic and Ethnic music.
    They play World music mixed with Ambient and Psytrance. They have released worldwide 6 albums, 4 maxi-vinyls, 10 EP’s and appear on more than 30 international compilations. With a mystical charisma on stage, they have captivated audiences in festivals all over the world (with more than 800 concerts).

    More info : www.eleamusic.com