comparable adjectives: profound, profundity; superlative adjective: profoundest

    1. deep insight; great depth of spiritual knowledge or thought; the vast depths of the ocean and mind
    "the simplicity and profundity of the message”

    2. modern-sounding downtempo-trance with deep psychedelic melodies, fat kicks, bass lines, and emotive vocals.

    3. electronic musician Hudur Shrim hailing from the Sea Of Galilee, Israël.
  • Hudur is developing his very own sound by making modern downtempo-trance with deep psychedelic melodies, fat kicks and bass lines, and emotive vocals.

    Technophiles may be interested to know that Profondita work out of a studio using real synths such as the Access Virus TI Polar, Nord lead A1R, Moog Phatty, Arturia Microbrute, Maschine mk2, Novation Bass Station, and a Mac Book Pro (Retina) along with a UAD Apollo sound card.

    Love and music always wins, and the results speak for themselves here, taking you on a journey to the depth of your being, while the beats keep your feet happy, and begging for more!

    Enjoy diving into Profondita’s musical oceans. There are so many amazing discoveries awaiting you!

  • Hudur Shrim

    At 22 years of age Hudur already knows a lot about overcoming challenges. Having grown up in Lebanon, he lost his father and brother to the war -something that would have pushed most people over the edge. Searching for hope and security, the rest of the family quickly moved to Germany, and a few years after moved to Israël with one goal in mind: to start a new life.

    At school he channeled a lot of his anger into acts of rebellion, and was considered the 'bad boy' of the class until he met Eyal Markovich and teach him to make music with Cubase and Logic.

    He fell in love with it right away, intrigued by the fact that he could somehow make and express feelings with a computer and music program. So he "dived" into it with everything he had. Years later Eyal saw that he was actually highly skilled, and gifted with a great ear, and there was some talk about making music together.

    He was composing mainly on Logic Pro for about four years until Eyal showed him Ableton Live and Altar Records artists such as Alwoods and Cabeiri. This was a revelation to Hudur, and out of that revelation was born a new project he called 'Profondita'.

    As can be heard via his productions, Hudur’s not a fan of high bpm music, and greatly prefers slow psychedelic music and deep house. He’s also got a solo project called 'Ko-Doa' and makes progressive deep-house music under the European label EWM. For those who are curious, his last release (“Lima EP”) is available here: www.echowidemusic.com?p=1798

    For Hudur, all’s well that ends well, as today he has a successful career in music, and gets to channel all the depths of emotions that he has to share via harmonious and inspiring compositions and creations.

    Nowadays Eyal makes music with his own project "Mobitex" while Hudur continues to develop his Profondita project alone.

  • "Ciel" debut album released May 2016

  • "Dracarys" the new album out now! (May 2017)

  • Hudur's Progressive Trance side-project "Blue Whirl"